Are you experiencing foundation problems…sinking, sagging or settling of your home’s foundation?

At Foundation Repair Pros, we offer a variety of affordable solutions that will correct these issues immediately and will include a lifetime transferrable warranty, as a courtesy to all of our customers.

Due to the soils and extreme dry and wet cycles in our weather, it’s not an unusual situation in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. These conditions can result in vertical movement (up and down) of a part of your home, which then causes visible cracks. These cracks will show up at high stress points like the foundation itself, in floors, chimneys, around windows and doors as well as interior sheetrock and/or exterior brick walls.

Slab Foundation Repair – Pier & Beam Foundation Repair – Wet Crawl Space – Basement Waterproofing

Depending on the type of foundation (slab on grade, pier and beam or basement) severity, on-site soil conditions, and specific cause of the problem, several solution options are available through Foundation Repair Pros. These include:

Multi-wall steel piers and pilings

Concrete piers and pilings

Helical piers

Pressed pilings

Heavy-duty smart jacks for crawl space pier and beam stabilization

Steel I-beam retrofit for pier and beam foundations

High-tech braces and wall anchors for basements


Soil Containment & Water Management Solutions

Water management around and underneath your foundation is the key to long-term stability of your home’s foundation. We offer soil containment barriers and drainage management solutions, including surface drains, gutter drains and French drains as appropriate. Our first priority is always water management and correction of these problems to ensure permanent fixes to your specific foundation issue.

Home Foundation Repair – The Finishing Touches

Fixing failing foundations and drainage problems is our primary area of expertise…and we are very good at foundation repair san antonioit! However, we are also proud to offer additional top-notch services from out team of professionals to complete the job. These include plumbing services, interior sheetrock repair, brick & mortar repair and painting. When we’re done, we want you to be done and left with the big smile on your face!

Our Free Foundation Inspection Process

The process we follow at Foundation Repair Pros is straightforward yet comprehensive. Our goal is to advise you on the best and most cost effective permanent solution to your foundation issue; starting with a free foundation inspection.

We will carefully examine your structure to diagnose exactly the cause of your foundation problem. Many factors go in to this evaluation but we won’t propose a remedy until we know what is causing the issue. Foundation movement (vertical or horizontal) leaves distinct clues – we observe, measure, ask the questions and get the facts first! We also check for plumbing leaks which are oftentimes the source of your settlement issue.

Importantly, we will tell you if foundation repairs are NOT needed! It could be that you just need help with maintenance issues like soil barriers, water drainage or watering. We offer solutions, not just house leveling services.

Evaluate alternatives – as discussed above, there are many potential options for fixing your foundation problem including various underpinnings, piers, jacks and anchors; we’ll evaluate these options to factor in your specific soil, water and foundation conditions. There are advantages and disadvantages to each and we will tailor our review to your particular needs.

Proposed solution – we will present the best, proven solution available from our company to permanently solve the problem. This will include a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. Of course, we will also discuss financing options. See our page on the Cost of Foundation Repair San Antonio

Schedule the work – we will work with you to schedule the work to accommodate your special needs.

Invite the industry leading professionals at Foundation Repair Pros out for a visit. We know you’re in a difficult situation and we have your best interest at heart. Let’s work together to find the best solution to protect your property value, once and for all.san antonio foundation repair

Give us a call today – we’ll earn your trust and confidence with an honest, FREE onsite evaluation and a fair cost estimate on the best foundation repair solutions that are offered in the San Antonio area.



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